Florida League of Cities

The Equipment Financing Program is a cost-efficient way for cities to finance equipment needs with minimal staff time and significantly less paperwork.

mom and daughter playing on carousel at playgroundLocal governments set up a master set of documents one time. Once the program is established, no additional master lease documents, bid documents, or massive credit applications are required to purchase additional equipment (subject to annual credit review).

As administrator, the League provides all documents, hires professionals, and coordinates with the bank to obtain financing proposals. $100,000 is the minimum amount financed for up to 10 years, depending on the life of the equipment.

Cities can use the program to finance many types of equipment including vehicles (maintenance, rescue, fire engines, school buses and police cars), air crafts, furniture, computers and telecommunications, medical/technology and more.
Download the Equipment Financing Program flyer or contact Rodney Walton at 850.701.3620 to learn more. 

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