Florida League of Cities

The FLC University is proud to bring you the Institute for Elected Municipal Officials (IEMO).

Our team has developed multiple levels of training designed specifically for municipal officials of all levels, including the Leadership Academy for graduates of IEMO I and II. The IEMO and Leadership Academy are offered at different locations throughout the state and has assisted thousands of elected officials since its creation in 1992.

Institute for Elected Municipal Officials 

This educational program is specially designed for newly elected officials and those with less than one term in office. The primary objective of the IEMO is to provide elected municipal officials with an intensive academic program that will assist them in effectively meeting the requirements of their elected role. The program offers a comprehensive overview of Florida municipal government, presented by a faculty of top professionals in the field.  

A registration fee of $300 covers instructional costs, materials, refreshment breaks and lunch on Friday and Saturday. 

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Institute for Elected Municipal Officials II

The IEMO II is reserved for participants and graduates of the IEMO I, or those elected city officials who have completed one or more terms in office. Participants will be asked through the registration process which criteria they meet. This intensive two-day program, held on a Friday and Saturday, features four classes and two workshop-style lunches. Instructors have been selected for their ability to convey important information in a participatory style. Click here to view the course curriculum. 

A registration fee of $265 covers instructional costs, materials, refreshment breaks and two working lunches.  

Check the Calendar of Events for Upcoming Dates

Leadership Academy I

Developed in 2013, this class is focused entirely on leadership. Open to graduates of the IEMO I and II, this program revolves around an assessment that details your ability to connect and work effectively with others. It is very helpful for the collegial nature of city councils and city commissions!

Class participants take the assessment ahead of the class, and through attending learn their scores, interpret the characteristics of each component, and learn how to apply this information through case studies. Facilitated by Scott Paine, Ph.D., the weekend class also features a keynote dinner speaker on leadership. This course is offered once each year.

Leadership Academy II

Graduates of Leadership Academy I are invited to participate in this program. It includes a personal Myers-Briggs personality inventory, the results of which are then tied to the attendee’s previous work with FIRO-B. The class then determines their own discussion agenda of municipal issues in a think-tank setting focused upon the future of Florida’s cities, towns and villages. 

The session schedule is noon on Friday followed by a reception and dinner. The program resumes Saturday morning at 8:00 a.m. and concludes at 3:00 p.m.

Contact Angela Delune with any questions or to learn more.