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Key Contact & Issue Sign Up Form

Local voices making local choices. It's the heart of our advocacy efforts. And you are the key to our advocacy success! 


The Florida League of Cities asks City officials with a strong relationship with a particular legislator(s) to sign up as a Legislative Key Contact. The Florida League of Cities is also asking city officials to select up to four issues that they would assist the FLC Advocacy Team with during the next legislative session.

Signing up as a Key Contact means you will assist FLC by keeping in communication with your legislator to inform them on issues with municipal impact that are being considered by the Legislature; responding to urgent calls to action and other legislative alerts during the legislative session; and strengthening relationships with legislators and staff.

Signing up for an issue means you will assist the FLC by responding to FLC Legislative Alerts and contacting legislators on the issue; providing data to FLC staff and legislators explaining how the issue affects your city and citizens; and being available to provide legislative testimony on the issue, if needed.

Please complete the form below and list your cell phone number to receive timely legislative information.