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Serving Our Cities focuses on the essentials of municipal leadership and the core values that bind us together.

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Greg Ross
Florida League of Cities President 2023-24
Mayor, Cooper City

As city leaders, we should constantly ask: “How can we generate momentum and make our cities even stronger?” During my time as President of the Broward League of Cities, I discovered that amazing things happen when officials collaborate selflessly to benefit our communities. With these thoughts in mind, I’m excited to share my initiative: Serving Our Cities.

Serving Our Cities has three pillars:

  1. Intentional Collaboration
  2. Expanding Educational Offerings
  3. Emphasizing Respectful Public Service

The first pillar, intentional collaboration, centers around reinforcing relationships with state and federal lawmakers and continues to build on the League’s focus on Local Voices Making Local Choices.

Expanded education, the second pillar, focuses on aiding local elected officials to become even more effective communicators through comprehensive leadership training and new tools provided by the League.

Maintaining a commitment to respectful public service is the final pillar of Serving Our Cities. Addressing all challenges respectfully and productively is a critical attribute for local elected officials. This means valuing civility, maintaining decorum and learning how to disagree agreeably.

“Serve” is the keyword that links these three pillars. It’s our collective goal. It’s why we’re here. It’s what inspires us to give our best each and every day. Together we will positively shape the future of the cities we serve.

Respectful Public Service Handbook Cover

Respectful Public Service Handbook

Prepared as part of FLC President Greg Ross’ platform, this handbook features civility pledges, best practices as well as other samples from cities across Florida. You will also find information about:

  • Leadership
  • Institutional character
  • Building public trust
  • And more!
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How You Can Support the Initiative

As city leaders, there are several ways that you can support President Ross’ Serving Our Cities initiative within each pillar:

Intentional Collaboration: Help elevate Local Voices Making Local Choices through intentional collaboration with lawmakers and fellow city officials. Stay engaged with the League’s advocacy efforts by attending Legislative Conference and Legislative Action Days.

Expanding Education: Take full advantage of FLC University’s educational opportunities and be recognized for your efforts by participating in the Certificate Program for Elected Municipal Officials. Sign up today to earn points toward achieving bronze, silver or gold recognition.

Respectful Public Service: Commit to respectful public service by valuing civility, maintaining decorum and learning how to disagree agreeably. Use the League’s Respectful Public Service Handbook as a guide, and consider adopting a pledge on decorum.