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Law Enforcement and Correctional Officer Practices (Watch)

HB 7051 (Judiciary Committee) makes several changes to the requirements for the operations and standards of law enforcement agencies including:

•Requires law enforcement officers to disclose if they are subject to a pending investigation or if they separated from their previous agency because of an investigation while applying to a new agency.

•Requires a law enforcement agency to include the facts and reasons an applicant was separated from previous employment as part of a background check investigation of an applicant.

•Requires a law enforcement agency to maintain an officer’s employment information for a minimum of five years following the date of the officer’s separation from the agency.

•Requires the Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission to develop basic skills training and each law enforcement agency to develop policies in the use of force.

•Requires an independent review of a use of force incident involving death or the discharge of a firearm. The incidents must also be reported to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

•Prohibits children under age 7 from being arrested unless the violation of law is a forcible felony.

The bill passed both chambers unanimously. (Taggart)