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Local Government Efficiency and Crime Task Forces (Watch)

HB 7101 (State Affairs Committee) establishes the Local Government Efficiency Task Force within the Legislature. The task force will consist of six members (two members each will be appointed by the Governor, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, and the President of the Senate. The bill directs the task force to convene its first meeting by November 2020 and submit a report to the governor and the legislature by June 2022. The bill directs the task force to review the governance structure and function of local governments and whether any changes are necessary to make such governments more efficient. In addition, the bill establishes the Urban Core Crime and Violence Task Force within the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. The nine-member task force (comprised of three members each appointed by the governor, House Speaker and Senate President) is directed to review system failures and causes of crime and violence in urban core neighborhood and communities, and to develop recommendations to help facilitate the reduction of crime and violence. The task force is given authority to request and access information or records pertaining to crime or violent incidents, including exempt and confidential records (the task force may not disclose such records). The task force is directed to submit a report on its findings to the Governor, House Speaker and Senate President by June 2021. (O’Hara)