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Anchoring Limitation Areas (Watch)

CS/CS/CS/SB 1946 (Polsky) authorizes counties, except for Monroe County, to establish an anchoring limitation area adjacent to urban areas that have residential docking facilities and significant recreational boating traffic. The aggregate total of anchoring limitation areas in a county may not exceed 10% of the county’s navigable-in-fact waterways as defined in the bill. The bill specifies requirements for anchoring limitation areas. (Current statutorily designated anchoring areas are grandfathered.) It prohibits a person from anchoring a vessel for more than 45 consecutive days in any six-month period in an anchoring limitation area. The bill establishes Monroe County as an anchoring limitation area within which a vessel may be anchored on waters of the state in the same location for a maximum of 90 days. The bill specifies conditions precedent for the Monroe County anchoring limitation area. The anchoring limitations do not apply to approved and permitted moorings and mooring fields. The bill establishes a process for a vessel owner or operator to provide proof that a vessel has not exceeded the anchoring limitations. It specifies that a vessel that is the subject of more than three violations within 12 months that result in dispositions other than dismissal or acquittal shall be declared to be a public nuisance. (O'Hara)