Water Funding Talking Points

The League supports legislation to provide long term, recurring and adequate state water funding, that is equitably distributed throughout the state.

Florida’s ability to meet the water needs of its growing population, industries and natural environment exceeds available supply and infrastructure. Because of this, the League has made water funding a legislative priority.

Resolving Florida’s water issues will require both long- and short-term strategies that are coordinated, based on sound science, and make effective use of limited public funds and resources.

Florida does not have a dedicated, long-term, recurring source of funding for water supply, water quality and associated infrastructure.

The League’s focus is to fund projects that reduce nutrient and pollutant loading from wastewater sources; mitigate storm water and flooding impacts; and increase available water resources and supplies.

The extent and nature of the state’s water problems vary among regions and communities. These problems range from the need to mitigate nutrient pollution from septic tanks – to the need to increase available water supply – to the need to protect against increasing tidal and storm flooding.

It is time for Florida’s state and local governments, residents, industry, and water stakeholders to collaborate on shared solutions. We must meet Florida’s water and infrastructure challenges comprehensively, equitably and for the long term.