Transportation Funding

Invest In Transportation Infrastructure - Partner With Cities To Future-Proof Florida’s Transportation Infrastructure

TRANSPORTATIONThe Florida League of Cities calls on the Florida Legislature to create an equitable transportation funding formula for state, county and city governments. Access Issue Brief

Key Points

  • Our transportation infrastructure is rapidly declining. With 126 million visitors each year and more than 900 people moving to Florida each day, congestion and wear and tear on our roads is a continuous problem.
  • Outdated funding formulas are not keeping pace with demand. The federal gas tax was last increased in 1997, the state gas tax in 1943, the county gas tax in 1941 and the municipal gas tax in 1971.
  • Advances in technology are further compounding the transportation funding crisis. Cars are becoming more fuel efficient, thus the gas tax is generating less revenue per car on the road.
  • We need greater flexibility to meet the demands of the future. Allowing municipalities the ability to index their local motor fuel tax rates is one way to provide greater flexibility to fund unique transportation needs.
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