Sober Homes Talking Points

The League supports legislation that would require certification for all recovery residences and their administrators to ensure that this vulnerable population is protected.  

Sober homes are an increasing problem in Florida. In 2016, a study found that more than 75 percent of young adults treated for substance abuse in Florida came from out of state. 

Because the certification process for sober homes is voluntary, many sober homes operate without minimum standards, resulting in the warehousing of patients in substandard housing. 

Cities have been negatively impacted by the sober home industry. Residential neighborhoods are lined with poorly run sober homes, but the number is unknown because there is no mandatory registration at any level of government.

A recent New York Times article highlights the problems cities are facing, “With six to 12 people living in a home, noise is unavoidable. Property crime rose 19 percent from 2015 in a Delray Beach neighborhood.”

While passing HB 807 last legislative session was a good start, minimum operating standards for the facilities and administrators are needed to protect this vulnerable population.