Nationwide, local self-government is under attack. That’s why the League adopted a priority statement to strengthen and protect local decision-making.

The League will oppose any legislative effort that impedes the constitutional right Floridians have enjoyed for nearly 50 years – to govern themselves under municipal Home Rule powers.

The Legislature’s persistent intrusion into local finances has to stop. To that end, the League will oppose any effort that interferes with a city’s ability to provide the financial stability and essential services required by its residents and local businesses.

What we’re asking is to Let Cities Work. Let us work to develop innovative responses to problems affecting our communities. Problems like sober homes, aging infrastructure, responding to natural disasters. 

  • Let cities work to deliver the services our citizens depend on.
  • Let cities work to create an environment for economic development and prosperity.
  • Let cities work preserve the unique qualities that make our communities special.
  • Let cities work to serve and protect every resident and valued visitor.