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Contact Your State Legislator

The Florida League of Cities has created a tool to help city officials better communicate with legislators in a more timely and efficient manner.

City officials can send personalized emails directly to their House and Senate members or even legislative committees quicker than ever.

Legislators can be selected by district number, city, or name. City officials can even send emails to all of the members of a House or Senate committee by just selecting the name of the committee.

When the Florida League of Cities sends out urgent calls to action on an upcoming vote, cities can now use this tool to respond to legislative alerts and let their legislators know how proposed legislation will impact their city.

Step 1 - To send an email to your City's Legislators or a Legislative Committee make a selection from any one drop down list below. After selecting an option, the Step 2 section will display below with contacts shown.

By City: Select a City from the drop down list

- or -

By Committee: Select a Committee from the drop down list

- or -

By District: Select a district from the drop down list

- or -

By House of Representative(s): Select a House member from the drop down list

- or -

By Senator(s): Select a Senator from the drop down list

Step 2 - Click the check box at the right of the Legislative contacts listed below to display the Step 3 section and add any of the individuals to this option. Once you have made your selections from this option you can continue to make additional selections from the Step 1 section options and they will update this section with new selections. Once you have all Legislative contacts listed in the Step 2 section that you want to contact, you are ready to compose the subject and body of your email in Step 3's section.

Name Type District Email Address Select

Step 3 - Add "Subject Title" and compose the body of your email to be sent to the Legislative mailing list contained in the Step 2 section. The body of the web page email is limited to 512 characters but once you have transferred the email to your desktop/phone email system you may add additional information. There is a counter at the bottom of the message window to assist you with the message length.

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