On Demand Learning Library

The Florida League of Cities offers free On Demand training for members. The majority of these "webinar" style trainings are recorded live and then made accessible for you to watch at a time and place convenient to your schedule.

The most recent recordings of our webinars are listed below.

Engaging the Community: Grassroots Advocacy (Slides)
Broadcast September 19, 2017

Preparing for the 2018 Legislative Session: Are you ready? (Slides)
Broadcast August 30, 2017
Special guest: FLC President Gil Ziffer

Leadership Lessons with Pres. Susan Haynie (Slides)
Broadcast August 10, 2017

Presenting Budget Requests to the Public (Slides)
Broadcast August 8, 2017
   -Plymouth, MN
   -Roundrock, TX
   -Arlington, TX
   -Leon County, FL

Preventing Hostile Workplaces (Slides)
Broadcast July 25, 2017

Active Shooter Awareness in partnership with the FBI
(Slides) (Run, Hide, Fight Video)
Broadcast July 19, 2017

Conflicts with Personnel: Professional, not Personal (Slides)
Broadcast July 6, 2017

The Arts, Cultural Tourism & Economic Development (Slides)
Broadcast June 22, 2017

How to Comply with New Airport Zoning Regulations (Slides & Resources)
Broadcast June 20, 2017

Responding in a Public Safety Crisis: what public opinion tells us (Slides)
Part of #InspiringLeaders with Dr. Scott Paine
Provided by #SafeCitiesFL

Broadcast June 8, 2017

2017 Post-Session Recap: Passed, Failed, Returning (Slides)
Broadcast May 18, 2017

Presenting Budget Requests: Innovative Ideas that Work (Slides)
Broadcast May 16, 2017

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