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Through the Center for Municipal Research & Innovation's Partners in Municipal Research Program, the center publishes a regular research column in the League's Quality Cities magazine from our research institute partners. To the right are highlighted articles from recent issues.

The Center also creates an annual compilation of research articles from the center's Partners in Municipal Research.

2016 Article Journal
2015 Article Journal

Reports from research institutes around the country can be found here

2017 QC Research Articles

What Have Trees Done for Me Lately?
Shawn Landry, University of South Florida

Envisioning the Future of Florida’s Historic Coastal Communities
Morris Hylton III, University of Florida

Waste Matters – Recycling behavior improves with knowledge
Stephen Neely, JoAnne Flebe and Taryn Sabia, University of South Florida

Haris Alibašić, Ph.D., University of West Florida

Dr. Roxanne Connelly, University of Florida

Community Civic Engagement
Racine Jacques, Lou Frey Institute