Public Meetings (Oppose – Unfunded Mandate)

<p>Public Meetings (Oppose – Unfunded Mandate)</p><p> HB 589 (Newton) and SB 1092 (Rader) require meetings of any entities created by general or special law to be subject to the public meetings law. In addition, the bills require agendas and other meeting materials of these entities to be made available at least three days prior the meeting. The bills require the presiding officer to allot time for public comment as either the first or last item listed on the agenda. Each member of the public must be given at least three minutes to speak regarding any agenda item relating to the appointment of a public officer; zoning or land use regulations; the imposition of taxes, fees, and fines or other interests affecting the rights of residents and businesses within the jurisdiction of the entity. The bills also require the board or commission of the entity to respond, either publicly at the meeting or through written correspondence, to any question made by a member of the public. If the response is in writing, it must be provided within 10 days after the meeting and be incorporated into the minutes of the meeting. (<a href="mailto">Cook</a>)</p>