Post-hurricane Relief for Residents of Health Care Facilities (Watch)

<p>Post-hurricane Relief for Residents of Health Care Facilities (Watch)</p><p> SB 372 (Garcia) and HB 327 (Richardson) require the Florida Public Service Commission, in the event of an emergency, to prioritize the restoration of services to critical medical facilities with at least 50 residents, including nursing homes and assisted living facilities. The bills also require the Agency for Health Care Administration to conduct annual inspections to ensure that facilities have an operational emergency power source and sufficient fuel supply for at least four days of a power outage. In addition, the emergency power source must provide enough energy to maintain an ambient air temperature of 81 degrees or less, and allow for refrigeration of critical items.</p><p> SB 284 (Book) and HB 479 (Williams) is similar to SB 372, but it requires every critical medical facility to maintain a fully operational emergency power source and a supply of fuel for at least five days during a power outage. </p><p></p><p> SB 558 (Campbell) is also similar to SB 372 (Garcia), but provides a deadline of January 1, 2019, for health care facilities to adhere to the operational generator and supply of fuel criteria. (<a href="">Branch</a>)</p>