Other Bills of Interest 

<p>Other Bills of Interest </p><p> SB 70 (Rodriguez, J.), HB 279 (Hagar), HB 359 (Nunez) and SB 538 (Garcia) - Divestment: Venezuela</p><p> SB 76 (Garcia) and HB 519 (Brown) - Small Business Saturday Sales Tax Holiday</p><p> HB 163 (Cruz) and SB 56 (Book) - Sales Tax Exemption for Diapers and Incontinence Products</p><p> SB 236 (Book) - Sales Tax Credit for Baby Changing Table in Restaurants</p><p> SB 312 (Stuebe) - Excise Tax on Documents</p><p> HB 571 (Hardemon)- Robot Tax Study</p><p> HB 585 (Fine) - Tourist Development Tax</p><p> SB 620 (Passidomo) - Disaster Preparedness Sales Tax Exemption</p><p> SB 650 (Baxley) - Administrative Review of Property Taxes</p><p> SB 658 (Brandes) -Tourist Development Tax</p><p> HB 765 (Ingoglia) - Truth in Millage Notices</p><p> SB 766 (Bean) - Sales Tax Exemption: Aircraft Sales or Leases</p><p> HB 803 (Roth) - Emergency Energy Equipment Sales Tax Exemption</p><p> SB 816 (Powell) - Annual Veterans’ Sales Tax Holiday</p><p> PCB WMC1 (Ways and Means) - Supermajority Vote for State Taxes or Fees</p>