Exemptions from Toll Payment (Watch)

<p>Exemptions from Toll Payment (Watch)</p><p> SB 336 (Grimsley), SB 356 (Young) and HB 141 (Harrison) exempt a law enforcement officer operating an official vehicle (marked or unmarked) on law enforcement business from paying the toll at a toll facility. Under current law, only a marked official vehicle is exempt from paying a toll. CS/HB 141 was amended to defined the term “official law enforcement business.”</p><p></p><p> SB 818 (Powell) and HB 649 (McGhee) are similar to SB 336, but these bills also exempt a person operating a motor vehicle from paying any toll at a facility located in a county subject to a mandatory evacuation order during a state of emergency declared by the governor until the evacuation order is lifted. (<a href="mailto">Branch</a>)</p>