Electric Vehicles (Watch) 

<p>Electric Vehicles (Watch) </p><p> CS/HB 384 (Brandes) and HB 981 (Olszewski) require  the Florida Transportation Commission (FTC) to prepare for the governor and the Legislature a report listing all sources of revenue for transportation infrastructure and maintenance projects when the commission determines that electric vehicles make up 2 percent or more of the total number of vehicles registered in the state.</p><p></p><p> The report should assess the effect of projected electric vehicle use in this state on future revenue from existing taxes, fees and surcharges related to nonelectric, automobiles, trucks, etc. In addition, in consultation with the Division of Emergency Management (DEM), the report should also assess transportation infrastructure with respect to emergency evacuations and electric vehicles, including the availability of electric vehicle charging stations.</p><p></p><p> The bills require each metropolitan planning organization to consider infrastructure and technological improvements necessary to accommodate the increased use of autonomous technology and electric vehicles. In committee, CS/SB 384 was amended to allow the FTC to begin reporting before the 2 percent threshold is reached. The amendment also included “hybrid vehicles” in the definition of electric vehicles. (<a href="mailto">Branch</a>)</p>