Economic Development and Tourism Promotion Accountability (Oppose)

<p>Economic Development and Tourism Promotion Accountability (Oppose)</p><p> HB 3 (Grant, M.) creates several new transparency and accountability provisions applicable to economic development agencies and tourism-promotion agencies. The bill authorizes the attorney general to audit certain aspects of these agencies and requires them to file an annual disclosure. The bill would implement several limitations on these agencies, including but not limited to: requiring board members to serve without compensation, limitations on per diem and travel expenses, limits on the amount of public compensation certain persons can receive, prohibitions on performance bonuses and severance pay, as well as numerous spending limitations and requirements. The bill clarifies that if a municipality does not have an economic development agency, then the provisions apply to municipal officers or employees assigned to promote the general business interests, industrial interests or related responsibilities of the municipality. (<a href="">Cook</a>)</p>