Community Redevelopment Agencies (Oppose – Preemption)

<p>Community Redevelopment Agencies (Oppose – Preemption)</p><p> HB 17 (Raburn) and SB 432 (Lee) increase audit, ethics, reporting and accountability measures for community redevelopment agencies (CRAs). The bills require CRAs to annually submit additional reporting information to the state, including performance data for each CRA plan, number of projects started, total number of projects completed, commercial property vacancy rates, amount expended on affordable housing, etc. The bills require CRA procurement to comport with city and county procurement procedures. Of specific concern to cities, HB 17 outlines a process by which CRAs can be phased out, unless reauthorized by a super majority vote of the body that created the CRA. Additionally, HB 17 prohibits the creation of a new CRA unless authorized by a special act of the Legislature. SB 432 differs from HB 17 in that it does not provide for the phase out of existing CRAs or require legislative approval of new CRAs. SB 432 contains additional provisions that would cap administrative spending at 18 percent. In addition, SB 432 prohibits tax increment expenditures on festivals, street parties, grants to promote tourism, and grants to socially beneficial programs. SB 432 would also change CRA board composition by requiring the appointment of two non-elected members. Lastly, SB 432 would require CRAs to create lobbyist registrations for individuals who lobby the CRA. (<a href="">Cruz</a>)</p>