Coastal Management (Support)

<p>Coastal Management (Support)</p><p> SB 174 (Latvala) and HB 131 (Peters) revise criteria considered by the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) in determining annual funding priorities for beach nourishment and inlet management projects, including the use of weighted tiers for such criteria. The bills require DEP to maintain active project lists, updated quarterly, to provide greater transparency and accountability, and also include provisions for improving sand management at inlets. In addition, the bills direct DEP to include in its comprehensive long-term management plan a strategic beach management plan, a critically eroded beaches report, and a statewide long-range budget plan (to include a three-year work plan for beach and inlet projects). Last, the bills direct an annual appropriation of the lesser of 7.6 percent or $50 million from the state Land Acquisition Trust Fund for beach and inlet projects. (O’Hara)</p>