Short-Term Rentals

Protect Local Neighborhoods - Restore Local Zoning Authority for Short-Term Rentals

SHORT-TERM RENTALSThe Florida League of Cities calls on the Florida Legislature to restore local zoning authority for short-term rentals, thereby preserving the integrity of Florida’s residential neighborhoods, and to reject any legislation that further preempts municipal authority of short-term rentals. Access Issue Brief

Key Points

  • This is a local zoning issue. Commercial activity in residential neighborhoods is regulated for good reason: to protect residents and ensure adequate infrastructure is in place.
  • A solution is needed that balances the property rights of all. Issues with unruly behavior, parking and public safety are destroying the residential character of traditional neighborhoods. Residents suffer while corporations profit.
  • The ripple effect of unregulated short-term rentals is exacerbating the affordable housing crisis. Homes are being converted into mini-hotels, thereby reducing long-term rental stock available in communities and causing a workforce housing shortage.
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